Many years ago the frames sold to customers were often little to do with the customers requirements or design of the property. The products sold were simple designs with little thought to security or aesthetics to get the sale. We believe that customers should receive the best advice possible. For example, whilst large side openers are perfectly OK upstairs, they may not be the right solution for the ground floor.

Engineered Frames
High impact modified profiles, fully-welded transoms and mullions, no mechanical joints, five chambers for additional strength and increased thermal performance. Fire resistance complies to BS476 Part 7, class 1DIN4102 flame retardant, self extinguishing.

Security Features of Britelite Commercial:

Internal beading
All Britelite Diamond range windows are internally beaded, meaning the glass is installed and beaded from the inside for additional security.
Steel reinforcement
The Diamond profile is engineered to a superior level of strength and can incorporate steel reinforcing as required to meet British standards. Structurally, this is an advantage that offers even greater strength, durability and security.

Multi-point Locking
It can take as little as 20 seconds to jemmy open a typical window lock. If that doesn’t work, most ordinary friction hinges can be levered open just as easily.
At Britelite we use the SAC Shootbolt system as standard:

  • 8 point locking system with unique corner drive design on all windows regardless of size
  • Unique full depth eurogroove lock-out design to maximise security
  • 400% more shootbolt contact area with keep when compared to traditional flat bolts.
  • Unique ‘anti-slip’ and lock detail to shootbolt head.
  • Supaglide action, tested to 100,000 cycles. (equivalent to 30 years of heavy use)
  • Rigorously tested to BS7950 and beyond to achieve Secure by Design status.

All Britelite products are double glazed for security, strength, and to reduce heat loss. There is additional security to all doors that have toughened or laminated glass as standard.

For full details of Britlelite’s security features, contact us today.